Morsi has been an author, writer, photographer, journalist, artist, activist, fisherman, diver, revolutionary, car thief, international fugitive, defender of hopeless causes, truck driver, forklift operator, vending machine re-programmer, hacker, graphic designer, mechanic, horticultural specialist of rare herbs, rabbit farmer, carpenter, investor, aircraft programmer, cyclist, amateur boxer, saviour of lost friends and young wayward females, master of fast money schemes, keeper of an undisclosed empire and global explorer since 1975. He is a long term member of the Jutland police officer support association, and quotes Bob Marley when he says, ‘I will not be justified by the laws of men.’

He lives on planet earth, a native of Egypt who’s spent a good deal of his life in Copenhagen, Denmark, he’s travelled the world twice over, and is now based in Australia where he loves his son Zaki.

But these words merely describe the way he earns a living, but not the way he lives. He’s an example of that rare breed one is lucky enough to encounter but a few times in a given life; the autodidact man.

~ Erik Thomas Johnson ~






I have failed deeply in my life, and that failure has been my foundation and in failure there is a knowledge that is a true gift, and the wins I’ve had, have been won with pain, and together those experiences have been worth more than any qualification I ever earned. I want to see another world, where we are in love with life, where we have the courage to change, to be our very best. I want to give people different perceptions because fear is our worst enemy as human beings. When we fear, we feel incomplete and when we feel incomplete it’s easier to make us believe things that are not true, easier to make us buy things we don’t need, easier for us to hate other people and easier for us to live our lives, watching it by the side line instead of engaging in it and creating.

When we are children, we create and we come from a place of giving and not wanting. We aren’t waiting for our circumstances or surroundings to change, in fact we feel happy and complete doing what we love to do, create and play. Growing up we get imposed a system of probation and preparation for the future that never really gets there and it makes us strongly doubt our ability to create. In Egypt we say that you are never what loves you. This also means that you are what you love.

I look forward to connecting with you.

~ Mohammed Massoud Morsi ~

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