I’ll be heading down to beautiful Margaret River for an author talk and workshop in two weeks time. I look very much forward to revisiting this beautiful part of the world and give an inspiring talk as well as do a little bit of reading.There will be an opportunity to participate in a competition and win a set of novels! All you have to do is open your eyes and look closely 🙂I look very forward to seeing you and a lot of other people…Continue Reading “Margaret River Public Library Author Talk”

The panel was chaired by Catherine Noske from the Westerly magazine. Participating were Amanda Gardiner who has published extensive work on infanticide, Cassie Lynch, and myself. The title was the politics of memory, a very intense and intimate debate that began with a deceptively simple question to kick it off: What is memory , and how does it work with writing/art? We discussed the approach to writing memory ethically, identifying the challenges of raising the past to conscious attention, and making amends. I spoke about…Continue Reading “Perth Writers Festival”

I had the absolute pleasure to give an inspirational author talk at the Mundijong Community Resource Centre. Yes, it’s a small place but a beautiful place with beautiful people. The audience was so engaged and I cannot express how thankful I feel for having been so welcomed. I spoke about media, identity, my work on taking another angle on conflict resolution as well as reading from my latest novel, The Palace of Angels. A special thanks to Jan, Lisa and Rob ( Robert Richings )…Continue Reading “Mundijong Author Talk”

Hey everyone, Westerly 63.2 has been published. It holds amongst many inspiring stories, my photographs and words in a creative non-fiction piece, Tevy. Since 1956, Westerly has been publishing lively fiction and poetry as well as intelligent articles. The magazine has always sought to provide a Western Australian-based voice, although its contributors and subject matter have never been geographically exclusive.  It covers literature and culture throughout the world, but maintains a special emphasis on Australia, particularly Western Australia, and the Asian region. Westerly has a strong international…Continue Reading “Westerly 63.2 Tevy”

Hello world, It’s time for an update. Besides being very busy working and connecting with people around the world on the events unfolding in Gaza (If you’re watching mainstream media you probably haven’t heard of the serial killings on unarmed protesters by the Israeli Army (IOF Israeli Occupation Forces), I’m also working on a new story which takes a different path than the previous three novels. It’s still early days though 🙂 I will be returning to writing the stories from Palestine and in the…Continue Reading “ASSF And Updates”