Hey everyone, Today the first copies of The Palace Of Angels arrived! Books are going out this week and paperbacks are available through livinginthestrange, online retailers and selected stores.   The Palace Of Angels Synopsis:   “Angels bring us our hearts. And when a heart meets a heart, the eye sees no flaw…” Palestine 2014, once again on the brink of war: Adnan is desperate to find his way out of the pre-dawn existence in the checkpoint queue. In the midst of a volatile turn…Continue Reading “First Print: The Palace Of Angels”

Hello world, The Palace of Angels has been released and is available for pre-order as a paperback from Living In The Strange.It’s available as an eBook already and will soon hit stores and online retailers. The Palace Of Angels – Paperback It ships within the next two weeks. All prices in AUD. *** Also a small reminder to register for the giveaways. You can find links to all of them here Simply add your name, email and you’re in the draw to win a signed…Continue Reading “Pre-order and Giveaways”

Dear Readers & Visitors, First of all I have to give out a special thanks to Jim Magnus, a former journalist of the West Australian (apparently when it was a real newspaper) for his long hours spent in my office, philosophising, editing, laughing, crying and not the least drinking lots of tea and coffee. Only I know how much that has meant to me. And I am grateful from the core of my soul to those who shared and trusted me with it. Thank you….Continue Reading “The Palace Of Angels”

Hello World, First Giveaway ran well. There was many more entries than I had expected. Congratulations to the winner. So I’m running yet another giveaway for this short novel. Enter your email and you’re subscribed to the giveaway! It’s that simple. You will be given a unique link afterwards. Make sure to share it. Each time you do, you chances of winning increases! The winner is selected by random choice and is notified by email. I’ll sign the book and send it to you, where-ever…Continue Reading “Giveaway for What Is Past Is Dead – APR 2018”

Hello World, 🙂 The very first Giveaway here on Living In The Strange went well. A big congratulations to David Schaafsma who will receive a signed copy of What Is Past Is Dead. I’m really happy there were so many entries to this Giveaway. I have shifted Giveaways to my own website instead of as before, running them on Goodreads. The now owned by Amazon company, has gone absolutely haywire, charging a ridiculous amount of money to just run the Giveaways. I use Goodreads and…Continue Reading “First Giveaway Success!”

Hey everyone, It’s time for the first Giveaway for Twenty Two Years To Life from me and Living In The Strange. As you might have seen, a secure store has been opened and the plan is to fill that with stories, books and photographs. Giveaways has until recently been done through Goodreads but due to their high fees which further constrict and limits authors who do not have the financial capacity to mass market their work. Goodreads is still a great place to discover authors…Continue Reading “Giveaway for Twenty Two Years To Life”