Hello world, It’s time for an update. Besides being very busy working and connecting with people around the world on the events unfolding in Gaza (If you’re watching mainstream media you probably haven’t heard of the serial killings on unarmed protesters by the Israeli Army (IOF Israeli Occupation Forces), I’m also working on a new story which takes a different path than the previous three novels. It’s still early days though 🙂 I will be returning to writing the stories from Palestine and in the…Continue Reading “ASSF And Updates”

Dear Readers & Visitors, First of all I have to give out a special thanks to Jim Magnus, a former journalist of the West Australian (apparently when it was a real newspaper) for his long hours spent in my office, philosophising, editing, laughing, crying and not the least drinking lots of tea and coffee. Only I know how much that has meant to me. And I am grateful from the core of my soul to those who shared and trusted me with it. Thank you….Continue Reading “The Palace Of Angels”

I’m still trying to get my head around summer in the southern hemisphere. That summer having passed is bizarre to me. My senses, emotions and actions are in spring mode. I’ve spent most of my life on the northern hemisphere and if anything that’s how my emotional body clock ticks. Is it changeable though? As I go through editing my latest novel from Israel-Palestine with my good friend Jim Magnus, I am also working on a few vignettes, short stories and essays. These are signs…Continue Reading “Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival”