What Is Past Is Dead

Find yourself thrown into a situation. You don’t know the whole story but you’re there and you know something is not right. But you’re there and there’s no way out. Who you are is important to why you are there. Your thoughts are racing and eventually the reality of it comes charging at you. What matters to you is justice but you haven’t given much thought to whom you are truly seeking justice for.

Three young men, infused with idealism and fuelled by hashish, drive a minibus through the night, entrenching themselves in a dangerous gamble that will change their lives forever.

What Is Past Is Dead is a short story about finding yourself in a jam. One you put yourself in. It’s also about the desperate actions we sometimes take to counter desperate events. The plight of the Palestinian people, like all of us, to achieve freedom, is a difficult one. Behind the political rhetoric of the media are real people with real lives and stories like everyone else. It’s also a short story about not believing everything we hear. There are no sides in a war and even if one joins one or the other, one is just as confused as all the rest of us. The price paid for this turmoil is often much more personal than we are told and the story more diverse than we are led to believe. The actions might be identical or similar but the words to the describe the opposing parts shrouded to make us choose a side. There are no sides though.
What Is Past Is Dead is going to leave you full of questions and asking to know more. Just like those involved in the story itself.

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May peace be upon you.



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