Abu Zaki

Zaki is nearly 4 years old. The story to Zaki is continued in this third volume. A photographic journal and a tribute to the potency of memory, also framed in fractions of a second.

I tell Zaki my story, for it is also his and whoever tells his story also passes on a key to the meaningful. In a world all but seemingly preoccupied with the opposite.

From the benefits of uprooting and living in exile to the stories of my family, the gift of love, our key to happiness.

To pass this key on to Zaki in the belief of the immense wealth, found in the doors it open.

This book is a capture of moments and thoughts composed as a narrative in and around Zaki’s life from the beginning of 2013 to the beginning of 2015.

For a preview of the book, please visit the shop here.

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