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He’s going back, it’s cold. He’s got Sofya with him, recently divorced and a single father in Copenhagen; Erik. Here they are, father and daughter. Sofya, she’s almost two. Driving through a dark and grey autumn afternoon in Erik’s old Ford Sierra from the early eighties, 82 I think it was to be exact. Erik is originally from Southern California, a foreigner in Denmark; just like myself. If you look closely in the mirror you can just see the top of my head; just so you know. You can also see the heater on full blast. I am on the back-seat obviously and I can’t really remember why I sat there in the middle, but I did and I listened and watched as two people, a father and his daughter, shared a moment of love. The camera had been in my hand for 10 minutes or more probably. Maybe hoping to see a nice ray of sun cutting through the clouds just before it set, perhaps anything of interest as we travelled through the city. I didn’t see anything outside. What I saw was straight in front of me; I felt it. And that’s why I took this picture. This is my life and I end up taking many pictures like this. I met Erik through a mutual connection of my dear departed friend John Mousley of Perth, Australia. Gary Wiese, an American as well, working together with John and I as airline specialists in Copenhagen. I remember this because I am based in Australia now and Erik’s like a brother to me; and he’s back in Denmark where also I grew up, where my closest family still lives – as Egyptians. This is my life and this is what I see; and share. And for that I am eternally grateful.


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