The Palace Of Angels – Paperback


“Angels bring us our hearts. And when a heart meets a heart, the eye sees no flaw…”


Palestine 2014, once again on the brink of war: Adnan is desperate to find his way out of the pre-dawn existence in the checkpoint queue. In the midst of a volatile turn of events, his eyes catch a shining soul through the yellow-lit darkness of the night. Her red nails match the blood that suddenly awakens his heart. As their life story would have it, she is an Israeli soldier. From that day, Adnan comes to realise his destiny is not written in stone  and that he has choices to make. At the same time, his lifelong friend Ali is thrown the cruellest of fates and embarks down the long dark road of revenge. In the ensuing months, Adnan follows a number of terrifying paths and eventually chooses life.

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The Palace of Angels is the story of a young man’s search to understand the man he wants to become. It’s a story of love, a story of hate and how it deprives us from our humanity. A story of our capacity to change our reality, the real possibility of peace and co-existence. One that frightens those whose minds are narrow and hearts are encased in armour, those in power. The scene that benefits the few and takes hostage the majority. I firmly believe we can change as human beings, that we can create the reality we wish our children to find. Man has an ability to change when he needs to. The reality of the Palestinians situation must and will change – and a brighter future will appear.

The Palace of Angels is the last of the stories from Palestine and like the other two, it’s based on a true story.


The walls will come down. Enemies will be friends. Free Palestine.


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