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The Palace of Angels was released 1st of September 2019 by Wild Dingo Press in Melbourne, Australia.


Birds born in a cage think that flying is a crime.

الطُيور اَلتى تُولَد فى القَفَصْ تَعتقِد أنَّ اَلطيران جَريمَة

Why are three young men moving a van full of hashish across the desert in the
middle of the night whilst a man and a woman attempts to conceive a child halfway
across the world? And why do two enemies fall in love with each other when they
really shouldn’t?

The Palace of Angels is about love formed in between the place of trying to
understand who we really are, why we struggle to discover that life can be as simple
as understanding that chickens may begin laying eggs, once more. The belief of
imagining we are one consistent self falls apart when we are bereft of hope. Our
demons, aggressive impulses – our anger is acted out flauntingly on the stage of war.

For the three young men in the desert Palestinian the allure becomes the gamble
hidden in the shadow of themselves, for Farida and Fathi who falls in love, life
unfolds as the dichotomy between miracles and ultimate loss. And for Adnan and
Linah, angels bring their hearts together when these lovers met at their first pre-
dawn encounter at a checkpoint queue. At the same time he who carved the angels
was served the cruellest of fates and embarked down the long dark road of revenge.


Wild Dingo Press is a vibrant and essential force in the Australian publishing landscape being a vehicle for bringing a personal viewpoint on issues affecting our world.

The Press brings to light the stories of individuals quietly doing extraordinary things, be it exposure of corruption and systemic flaws or the experiences of the disenfranchised, dis-empowered and dispossessed.


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