Hey everyone, Westerly 63.1 has been published. It holds amongst many inspiring stories, my photographs and words in a creative non-fiction piece, Toqburneh تقبرني 63.1   Since 1956, Westerly has been publishing lively fiction and poetry as well as intelligent articles. The magazine has always sought to provide a Western Australian-based voice, although its contributors and subject matter have never been geographically exclusive.  It covers literature and culture throughout the world, but maintains a special emphasis on Australia, particularly Western Australia, and the Asian region. Westerly has…Continue Reading “Westerly 63.1 – Toqburneh – تقبرني”

YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE YOU WANT By Mohammed Massoud Morsi     He told me I could go anywhere. He was born in Egypt. One of 11 siblings, 8 brothers and 3 sisters. Third in line, he was the caretaker of his family and after finishing his studies at the university in Cairo, he left Egypt and didn’t return. In 1952, the Egyptian revolution, led by army colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser, overthrew the Egyptian monarchy, eliminated the British presence in the country and made the…Continue Reading “You Can Go Anywhere You Want”

  Eighteen days of winter in spring, is the story of the inner journey a young woman takes during the days of the Egyptian uprising in 2011. In a very successful attempt the author describes not only the details of being a university student in Cairo with the intricate dramas between the peers but also the class and family responsibility that comes with being at such a place, not at the grasp of most Egyptians. It portraits, through the story of the main characters, family…Continue Reading “Eighteen Day Of Spring In Winter – Book Review”