Hey everyone, Westerly 63.1 has been published. It holds amongst many inspiring stories, my photographs and words in a creative non-fiction piece, Toqburneh تقبرني 63.1   Since 1956, Westerly has been publishing lively fiction and poetry as well as intelligent articles. The magazine has always sought to provide a Western Australian-based voice, although its contributors and subject matter have never been geographically exclusive.  It covers literature and culture throughout the world, but maintains a special emphasis on Australia, particularly Western Australia, and the Asian region. Westerly has…Continue Reading “Westerly 63.1 – Toqburneh – تقبرني”

Hey everyone, Today the first copies of The Palace Of Angels arrived! Books are going out this week and paperbacks are available through livinginthestrange, online retailers and selected stores.   The Palace Of Angels Synopsis:   “Angels bring us our hearts. And when a heart meets a heart, the eye sees no flaw…” Palestine 2014, once again on the brink of war: Adnan is desperate to find his way out of the pre-dawn existence in the checkpoint queue. In the midst of a volatile turn…Continue Reading “First Print: The Palace Of Angels”

I’m still trying to get my head around summer in the southern hemisphere. That summer having passed is bizarre to me. My senses, emotions and actions are in spring mode. I’ve spent most of my life on the northern hemisphere and if anything that’s how my emotional body clock ticks. Is it changeable though? As I go through editing my latest novel from Israel-Palestine with my good friend Jim Magnus, I am also working on a few vignettes, short stories and essays. These are signs…Continue Reading “Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival”

Hello World, 🙂 The very first Giveaway here on Living In The Strange went well. A big congratulations to David Schaafsma who will receive a signed copy of What Is Past Is Dead. I’m really happy there were so many entries to this Giveaway. I have shifted Giveaways to my own website instead of as before, running them on Goodreads. The now owned by Amazon company, has gone absolutely haywire, charging a ridiculous amount of money to just run the Giveaways. I use Goodreads and…Continue Reading “First Giveaway Success!”

Hope must surely come from the imagination. A place where a battle between good and evil takes place, Where mighty swords cross our dark souls And the angels talk to our better self. In a place where reality battles dreams. Eventually this hope shows its true face, As a figment of an ephemeral destination. One impossible to reach, Leaving this hope crushed, Impossible to put back together. Carrying its positive connotation, It fools us into believing we are doing the right thing. In fact the…Continue Reading “Hope”